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Adult Ministries

The GCCP Adult ministries cater to adults in various life stages, from young married couples to parents and the elderly members.

Adult LifeGroups

LifeGroups is the discipleship program of GCCP. This program aims to gather small community groups that meet regularly for building authentic relationships and spiritual growth.

In LifeGroups, members come together to study God's Word and discuss the issues and challenges of their lives in a safe, confidential, and transparent environment. It is also where they can pray and care for one another.

There are two ways you can join a LifeGroup:

  • Fill out a LifeGroup registration form and submit it to the church office. Our church staff will help you find a suitable LifeGroup based on your profile and preferences.
  • Gather a group of friends and fill out a LifeGroup application form. The church will then help you get started and even provide a trained LifeGroup leader for your group.

Special Events

Family Conference
Annual Conference for the entire family during the Holy Week, with special emphasis on either the spiritual needs of couples, parents, children, or families.