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What are LifeGroups?
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What are LifeGroups?

LifeGroups is the discipleship program of Grace Christian Church of the Philippines (GCCP). This program aims to gather small community groups that meet regularly for building authentic relationships and spiritual growth.

In LifeGroups, people of similar age and life stage come together for the purpose of developing friendships, growing in their relationship with God through the study of God's Word and being in community (life-on-life), with the end result of life transformation through the enablement of the Holy Spirit. LifeGroups is a place where people are evangelized, nurtured, equipped to serve-- where members build up, care, and pray for one another. It is a community where believers are called to be accountable to each other and where they can be totally transparent with one another.

LifeGroups is committed to worshiping, loving and obeying Christ together for the purpose of living out biblical truth through vulnerable, life-transforming community.

We believe it is important for everyone to 'step out' and find a place to connect and grow. So STEP OUT and try a LifeGroup this week!

If you are searching for a place to connect at GCCP, we've got a LifeGroup for you where you will be encouraged, challenged, and cared for. Check out a LifeGroup now.

  • Some LifeGroups are "OPEN" groups meaning you are welcomed to join anytime. 
  • Other LifeGroups are "CLOSED" groups meaning the group is not accepting new members.
  • Talk to the Minister for Discipleship to find a group that would fit you and your needs or if you would like to form a LIFEgroups with a group of your friends. Don't worry, the church is able to supply a facilitator/leader and provide materials and support to make your LifeGroup grow.