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What are LifeGroups?
How Do LifeGroups Function?
FAQ's about LifeGroups

FAQ's about LifeGroups

FAQ's about LifeGroups

Q.How do I get “plugged in”?

A. Join a LifeGroup of your choice or start your own with your friends and get connected at Grace Christian Church of the Philippines and establish meaningful relationships.

Q. Who can join LifeGroups?

A. Anyone who is interested in joining a small group for personal and spiritual development and wishes to connect, interact and build new friendships, develop a stronger relationship with God and get connected.

Q. Why do you call them LifeGroups?

A. LifeGroups are all about life. We are doing life together, extending and reaching out the life of God to others as well as living out our lives intentionally for our Lord.

Q. What is expected of me if I sign up for a LifeGroup?

A. Depending on the group, you may get together weekly, every other week, or maybe even monthly. There may be some other requests made of the specific group you select, like personal study you do before each meeting or commitments of confidentiality. Do your best to come to the group you’ve signed up for. Once you find a group that sounds like it would be a good fit for you, the group leader will let you know of important details. 

Q. I'm still unsure about joining a LifeGroup. I'm so busy and just can't imagine making another commitment.                  What should I do?

A. There are many different opportunities to connect, serve, and get to know others at GCCP while keeping a healthy balance. We’d love to help you discover what’s best for helping you connect with others in your Christian life.

Q. What if I join a group and don’t like it?

A. Every host in our community life wants you to find the group that is right for you or find the one that’s a better fit for you.  Choose one that interests you and plug in!

Q. Who are qualified to be LifeGroup leaders?

A. LifeGroup leaders must be members of good standing in the church, a deacon or elder of the church, or one of the pastors. Leaders have taken certain classes in the church's STEP program to qualify as LifeGroup leaders. LifeGroup Leaders are also available to pray, visit, counsel and support their members in any way needed.

Q. When do new groups start?

A. Anytime as the need arises, if you want to be in a group now, we encourage you not to wait. Contact the minister in charge of discipleship TODAY!

 Q. How long do LifeGroups go for?

A. Each LifeGroup is different.  Some go for a specific number of weeks.  Others last a life-time. You can easily exit a group you’re in or enter one that’s new for you.

Q. Why Join a LifeGroup?

A. There are many benefits in being connected to a LifeGroup. You will develop friendships and find support for your personal walk with God and others. You will grow closer to Jesus, find strength when you’re in need, strengthen your prayer life, grow deeper in the understanding of God’s Word. There will be mutual spiritual encouragement and support to live out God’s purpose in our life. There is also opportunity for you to share your gifts and talents within the community.

We all experience difficulties in life one way or the other.  If you’re not experiencing any now, at some point you will…and that’s when the strong and healthy friendships you’ve developed in a group will make all the difference in the world for you and your family. 

Q. What goes on in a LifeGroup?

A.  Each LifeGroup builds community by setting aside time to study the Bible, to share insights, to pray together, and to encourage one another. The specific material covered in each group is based on the needs and interests of its members.

Depending on the group, some LifeGroups may meet together weekly, every other week, or maybe even monthly depending on their life stage and availability. However, weekly meetings are highly encouraged.

Q. Is there a LifeGroup for me?

A. Absolutely! There are LifeGroups for everyone! There are Sermon-based groups that focus on encouraging one another to live out what they learned from their discussion of a weekend sermon; Recovery / Support-based goups that emphasize care and encouragement, especially to members of special circumstances (i.e. cancer patients, widows, recovering addicts, etc.); Shared interest-based groups; Book study-based goups that put emphasis on the Bible and help people grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures or of a particular topic in theology among others. Choose one that suits you!