#3: Truth Encounters

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In this series we will study the book of Galatians to see that the one true Gospel--the Gospel of Jesus Christ--provides a balance between rules and law and freedom and grace.


If someone close to you is doing something that is not right, would you confront that person? How would you do it?

Read and Discuss


Galatians 2:11-21

Discussion Questions

Truth is truth regardless of any experience or circumstance that surrounds it. Even if a person is well-respected or someone you look up to, that person should be corrected if he/she deviates from the truth. How Paul responded to a similar situation teaches us five important principles:

  1. No one is above correction, as no one is perfect (v. 11). Why should great leaders and spiritually mature men and women need to be be corrected? What is accountability? Give specific reasons why it is good to be accountable to someone. What should be your attitude if someone points out your areas of failings?

  2. Call out hypocritical and inconsistent actions (v. 12-14). Why did Paul rebuke Peter, who had been in Christian faith and ministry longer than Paul has? Was Paul right in what he did? Why? When is public rebuke justifiable? Share examples of when our actions are inconsistent with what we say we believe.

  3. Justification is by faith alone in Christ alone (v. 15-16). What is the meaning of justification? Why can’t we be justified or declared righteous by doing certain actions? How are we justified before God?

  4. The inadequacies of justification by obedience or good works (v. .17-19). Why are good works (if they are really good) not adequate enough to justify a person before God? What happens to our Christian life if we focus on our failings instead of enjoying the Joys of grace that God gives to His children? Is it possible to live a perfect life? How is our salvation already perfect in Christ?

  5. Justification in Christ results in the benefit of living freely (v. 20-21). What is the new purpose of Paul’s life since his encounter with Christ? What is the difference between having to do something for someone you love and doing something for someone out of mere obligation? Share the freedoms you enjoy in Christian life because of your trust in Christ by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.


In Walk: Paul rebuked Peter to correct something that was being done wrong. Paul emphasized that you can't have grace if you are holding on to obedience and good works for salvation. What is your basis of salvation? Do you say that you place your trust in Christ by faith alone and then add a lot of other requirements? What are the joys of living in grace, not bound by the law?


In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You that salvation is a gift and by grace I have been saved through faith. Thank you for making salvation available to everyone and those who would acknowledge Your Son Jesus Christ as his or her Savior would be saved and would have eternal life. No one deserves it and no one can work for it. It is indeed a gift received by faith. Thank you that I am not bound by the law. In Jesus' name. Amen.


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