#5: Finding Something in Nothing

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Think about or share a time in your life when you were searching for something or wanting an outcome but didn’t get it. How did it make you feel? How disappointed were you? Think about or share a time in your life when you expected a certain outcome or results—didn’t get it—but where the eventual outcome or result was for the better.

Read & Discuss


Luke 24:1-10


Discussion Questions

  1. Generally, do you find yourself celebrating life or drawn to a culture of death? How should knowing we serve a Living Risen Savior affect your life’s outlook and interest in a culture of life or death?

  2. How does knowing that Christ did the impossible and overcame the grave and death encourage you? What are the things in your life that make you feel like a “loser”? How does Christ’s victory over death make you as a Christian victorious? Practically, what does it mean to live a “Victorious Christian Life,” share some examples/ways.

  3. As Jesus’ promised Resurrection was fulfilled “just as He said,” how does it encourage you to trust His other promises? The struggle between Expectation versus Reality often disappoints. How can we align our “expectations” spiritually so that we can see that the “reality” is God’s best for our lives.



In Walk: Jesus’ resurrection meant that He conquered and was victorious over death. We can celebrate victory because He is Risen. The women who went to visit Jesus’ tomb expected to find Jesus’ body, but found nothing. In Christ, we may expect death, but find life because we may die physically, but live spiritually. We may expect loss, but find victory because His death is sufficient to save us. We may expect disappointment but find joy, just like the women upon knowing that their Savior had risen; and they went on to tell the disciples about it. Knowing that the gospel is such a great news, how come many Christians are reluctant to share with others about Christ? How does God’s promises in His Word affirm your faith in Him?


In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You that through the Risen Savior Jesus Christ, I have experienced forgiveness of my sin and I can enjoy abundant life in Him. May You help me to live a life of faithfulness in my devotion to Him as the Lord of my life. May I not miss the opportunities of sharing the good news that Jesus brings, but instead look for occasions and possibilities to talk about the gospel with the people around me who do not know You yet. I pray these in Jesus’ name. Amen.