#6: EXPOSED! The True You

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What have you learned most about yourself during this time of ECQ? What is one healthy character trait that has been magnified in your life? What is one unhealthy trait that has reared its ugly head during this time?

Read & Discuss


Psalm 116:1-19


Discussion Questions

  1. Have you forwarded something on email, text, Viber, or social media without checking to see if it is true or not? Why do we not take the time to fact-check something? What will people think if we keep sending them things that are “fake news”? What are some of the lies of the world that have been exposed during this pandemic? Why is it important for a Christian to be discerning?

  2. Discuss or think honestly about the top 5 things you value most before and after this stay-at-home order and pandemic. What has changed and why has it changed? How much do you value personal and corporate worship as it relates to your personal faith walk? Do you have time with the Lord every day, do you gather your family for a weekly time of worship, even without the programs and structures of the physical church?

  3. What is your theology (view of God) during this crisis? What are some questions you have about Him as it relates to the coronavirus? How does your view of God match with how He reveals Himself in the Bible? How does the psalmist view God if he were to have died (cf. v. 15)? Can you echo the same sentiments as Job: “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, but blessed be the name of the Lord!”?

  4. What are some insecurities you have? Have they been magnified during this quarantine period? How do you prevent these insecurities from affecting your mental health? How does knowing this truth--that you are already approved by God and there is nothing you can do or not do that will make God love you any more or any less than He unconditionally loves you now--affect your confidence versus your insecurities?


In Walk: It is a fact that in times of crises such as this current worldwide pandemic, we are forced to think of who we truly are and what we find important in life. It exposes many things about us: discernment (or lack thereof), lies we believe, our values, theology, and insecurities. As you are quarantined in your home, how do you distinguish the truth from lies, like fake news or those who twist/misuse Scripture? How about your spiritual values? If you can’t find time for spiritual matters with the time in your hands now, then something must be wrong in your priorities. What does this crisis tell you about what you believe about God? Are you secure in your standing with God and His unconditional love? Our lives and attitudes should be aligned with what God says in His Word.

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, as I continue to live in an environment that deals with Covid-19--no one could have predicted or warned people about this, but may I continue to trust You for who You are: You are sovereign, omnipotent, loving, and allows things to happen for a purpose. May you give me the ability to discern what I should believe from the many things I hear or read about everyday. I pray, Lord, that this crisis will bring out the best of who I am, my values, and my faith in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.