#8: Trust & Distrust

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How is trust being manifested between employers and employees? Share how important trust is at home with your family members. Give examples of actions that cause distrust, ruin relationships, and make a home dysfunctional. 

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Genesis 32:19-55


Discussion Questions

  1. What foolish actions are people capable of doing when they distrust someone? How do material things cause distrust among family members? In your relationship with God, what actions do you do that shows you do not fully trust God and His will for you?

  2. Why is it so easy to make up stories and create rumors about someone you don’t trust, especially if that person has a tarnished reputation? What are the dangers of falsely accusing someone based on assumptions? In what ways do family members find themselves guilty of assuming something that creates havoc in the family?

  3. In what ways do people lie to a person they don’t trust? Give examples of how seeds of distrust lead to deeper distrust? What are the dangers of falling into this pitfall and cycles of mistrust?

  4. Why is pointing out the root issue of distrust better than keeping it hidden? Share why most people find it difficult to be honest with their negative feelings about each other, even amongst family members? How does speaking the truth about your real feelings set you free?

  5. What do you think would happen if two distrusting people had an independent witness that each party could trust? How wonderful would it be if that witness is God Himself! What makes God the one most capable to serve as witness in your relationship with others, especially with your family?

  6. Why is setting healthy boundaries important in helping you be honest and keep your word? Give examples of a situation when a person had to set a boundary in order to be trustworthy. How does trusting God make a big difference in trusting others or mending broken relationships caused by mistrust?


In Walk:  Laban and Jacob were deeply distrustful of each other, which led them to doing foolish actions, forming wrong assumptions and hurling false accusations, and even resorting to deception. But God, who sees and knows everything, is able to restore relationships. Laban and Jacob were able to reconcile because Jacob spoke the truth and set the record straight. Then they appointed God to serve as their witness. Finally, they set healthy boundaries so as not to cause harm to each other. Looking at your own life, do you have mutual distrust with anyone? What lessons from Laban and Jacob’s lives could you learn in order to get over the very negative feelings of mistrust? 


In Prayer: Heavenly Father, I recognize that being distrustful is a negative feeling that could pull me down. Thank You for the lessons from the life of Laban and Jacob, that indeed, there is nothing impossible with You; that I can overcome whatever negative feelings I have through Your help. May You help me to be honest with my feelings with my family members or friends when a feeling of distrust starts to creep in. May you help me to be accountable to you regarding my feelings and how I live my life as well.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.