A Call to Honor God

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Who are the people you honor in your life? How do you express your honor for them?

Read and Discuss


Malachi 2:1-9


Discussion Questions

  1. As a Christian, you know that God must be honored and He deserves your utmost respect. Sadly, though, many Christians often take God for granted. In what ways do Christians take God for granted? How about you? What actions or choices/decisions do you make that reveal whether you take God seriously or not?

  2. What is the essence of a priest’s duty in the Old Testament? In Malachi, what caused them to fail in their responsibilities? 1 Peter 2:9 says that Christians are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. In what ways should you be functioning as a “priest” in this world? 

  3. God has warned His people in verses 2-3 that the neglect of God’s reverence may lead to God’s discipline. What exactly is the meaning of reverence? How are you guilty of lack of reverence for God? God is gracious and patient, but  why is it necessary for God to discipline His children when we are insincere in our reverence towards Him?

  4. God exhorted His people to uphold Him in the highest regard (v. 4-5). How much time and effort are you spending with God in comparison to other activities in your daily schedule? Do your actions reveal what is in your heart? Explain how acknowledging God even in the smallest of things, and doing it consistently even if it entails sacrifice and inconvenience, is evidence that you honor God and give Him the highest regard?

  5. God also exhorted His people to uphold the righteousness of God by His standard (v. 6-7). What do you do to grow in God’s word so that you will understand His standard of righteousness better? Can you confidently say that you are being God’s effective mouthpiece, one who is bold to speak up for the truth on behalf of God?  How are you living out righteousness, integrity, and uprightness in your daily life? 

  6. God has also warned that to compromise God’s righteousness may lead to God’s disgrace (v. 8-9). Why is it important to uphold God’s righteousness and truth when others base their truth on feelings and opinions? How could a Christian’s “bad” testimony keep a non-Christian away from God? On the other hand, how could your “good” testimony impact and influence non-Christians around you?


In Walk: God puts a very high premium on the way His people revere Him and live right. He expects us to have good testimonies for others who may not know Him yet. A lack of reverence to Him is a sin. How seriously are you taking God to heart? Has your life taught or shown partiality and caused others to stumble? How are you being a light in this dark world?

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for the lessons of how I should honor You in my life. Thank You that when I  uphold Your reverence and righteousness, I would be spared from Your discipline and disgracing Your Name. May You help me to live out righteousness and be a good ambassador of Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.