Living by Faith

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What’s the most difficult experience have you had that showed how much you really trust God?


Read and Discuss


Mark 2:1-12


Discussion Questions

  1. Where did the events of Mark 2:1-12 take place? What specific ministry did Jesus want to accomplish (v. 1-2)? What should be the basis of an active faith? 

  2. What problem did the paralytic man and his friends encounter upon arriving in the place where Jesus was teaching the Word of God to a packed audience? How did they solve their problem? What did Jesus see in them that was demonstrated in their action? (v. 3-5)

  3. Active faith takes initiative to draw closer to God. How is a person’s faith and God’s working in his or her life connected? How much of your life do you involve God? In what ways are you intentional in drawing closer to God so that during a difficult situation, you naturally draw close to Him? Do you trust God enough that you would do whatever it takes to draw close to Him because you know and understand that it is the best solution? 

  4. Active faith seeks to influence others to be led to Christ. What did the four friends do to manifest their active faith in Jesus? With all honesty, what keeps you from leading someone you know to Christ? What would happen if you ignore the spiritually lost around you? Are you actively seeking a way to lead and draw others closer to God? How are you exerting influence on your friends and loved ones who are young in their faith? Why should you be an example of what it means to live a life of faith and trust in God?

  5. Why did Jesus choose to forgive the paralytic’s sin before healing him physically? Why is it that meeting spiritual needs is above all needs? As you mature in your faith and walk with God, how are you learning to look through life with spiritual lenses and pursue what is eternal? 

  6. Note two heart conditions that you should be cautious of as these can be hindrances in cultivating an active faith:

a. Passive attitude. How did the scribes react to the commotion going on around them (v. 6-7)? What did they miss out for being skeptical in their hearts? What are the signs of being spiritually lukewarm and spiritually lazy? What should you do so that you can either avoid or overcome a passive attitude about spiritual matters? 


b. Critical spirit. What happens when a person is harboring a critical spirit? What does a critical spirit take away, thus missing out on God’s activity? What should you do in order to overcome this negative attitude?


In Walk: The result of active faith is a CHANGED LIFE. Going back to Jesus’ proposition to the scribes, whether it was easier to forgive sins or make the paralyzed man walk--both of these are not easy as they both can only be accomplished by God. Jesus silenced the scribes and addressed their cynicism. Jesus was able to prove His claim (v. 10-12) as well as validate His authority and power! Because of an active faith and encounter with Jesus,  what changes do you think happened to the paralytic man and to his four friends? What is one “paralysis" in your life that you desire Jesus to take away?

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You that when I course through life with a firm trust in You, You will enable me to experience living out a changed life. May Your Word direct my faith-walk with You, that I may continue to grow and mature in my spiritual journey and reach out to others so that they can be led to You. May my faith produce changes that give glory and honor to Your Name. Amen.