Where are you in your spiritual walk and where is God leading you?

Identifying where you are in your spiritual journey is essential in assessing how you can continue to make progress in your walk with the Lord.


This assessment page is intended to help you take a closer look at your own life and personal relationship with God. Feel free to use this on your own, or together with your LifeGroup, office, family, friends, and co-workers.


Spiritual Journey Self-Assessment Test

How to Use This Test

Answer the given questions below using images from the Image Gallery. You can download or take a screenshot of your selected images, then create a collage for your personal reference.

Prefer a printable version?


  1. Which three (3) images describe your life right now? Explain or share why.

  2. Which three (3) images represent what you wish were part of your life right now? Explain or share why.

  3. Which image would you choose to describe God? Explain or share why.

  4. Which image best describes what you've experienced or what you're experiencing spiritually? Explain or share why.

  5. Which image best represents what you wish were true when you think about your spiritual life or journey? Explain or share why.