We want to raise up generations of believers who accurately handle the Scriptures and passionately fulfill the Great Commission.

An active faith is rooted in strong biblical foundation. At STEP, we equip you to be biblically and theologically rooted in the Word of God and enable you to effectively share the Gospel, disciple others, and serve in various areas of ministry and leadership in the church.


Beginning your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ starts with STEP Essentials. Here we teach you foundational theology and Bible doctrines to help you understand your faith and why you believe what you believe. To complement this Bible training as you progress in your spiritual journey, STEP Enhanced provides further studies and practical trainings to help prepare you for active and effective service to the church community and beyond.

START Obeying Christ

Publicly declare your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and officially affirm membership at GCCP for spiritual growth, fellowship, service, accountability and ministry.

TRAIN with the

Right Foundation

Study the Bible and discover the fundamentals of Christian faith in order to be firmly grounded in the truth of God's Word.

ENRICH Your Mind

with Sound Doctrine

Pursue the study of biblical doctrine so that you can view life with better clarity through the lenses of the Scripture.


God's Commission

Be equipped to take the Gospel not just within your church community, but to places where God places you.


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