Our Story


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Start of the Grace Ministries

- 1949 -

The entire Grace Christian Ministries was started by Mrs. Julia L. Tan at her home in Tanduay Street, where Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Spahr pastored the first “Grace” church–Grace Bible Church. She had a unique vision for a school and a church working in partnership, which led her to adopt two slogans: (1) The school is the church’s mission field, and the church is the school’s spiritual home, and (2) Separate administration, but a united harvest field.

Founding of Grace Christian High School

- July 5, 1950 -

Grace Christian High School started at #41 Nagtahan Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila, with founders Mrs. Julia L. Tan and Rev. Edwin and Mrs. Helen Spahr. A year earlier in 1949, Grace Bible Church started at #349-A Tanduay Street (home of Mrs. Julia L. Tan).

Founding of Grace Gospel Church

- September 28, 1952 -

Mrs. Julia L. Tan started Grace Gospel Church inside GCHS in Nagtahan. School missionary Rev. Raymond Frame served as pastor. Rev. Mark Cheng Kor became pastor in 1959. In 1965, Grace Gospel Church relocated to nearby Santol Street.

GCHS Moves to Grace Village

- August 2, 1966 -

Grace Christian High School moved from its location in Nagtahan to the new location in Grace Village. Mrs. Julia L. Tan found the Grace Village property in 1963, purchased it in 1964, and construction began in 1965.

First Worship Service in GCHS

- August 7, 1966 -

Sunday church worship services started inside the school in Grace Village. Attendance: 20 to 30 people. In June 1967, Pastor Paul L. Tan returned from the United States to serve as the church’s first minister.

Inauguration of Grace Christian Church

- October 27, 1968 -

Grace Christian Church was formally inaugurated, Rev. Paul L. Tan was ordained and installed as first senior pastor, and the first deacons were installed.

Building by Faith

- 1970~1975 -

When the church congregation grew to over 150 members in 1968, a Church Building Fund was started by faith; a property was secured and the cornerstone laid in 1970. Led by the senior pastor, construction of the church sanctuary and building began in late 1973 inside Grace Village.

A New Sanctuary

- January 26, 1975 -

The new sanctuary was dedicated, and the next day on January 27, 1975, the first church wedding was held for Paul and Helen Tan.

Publishing of the Grace Hymnal

- 1981 -

The 1,250-hymn Grace Hymnal was published, with translation, typeset, paste-up, and final proofing all done by our church members, led by the senior pastor.

Resident Pastors

- 1983~2008 -

Dr. Paul L. Tan asked for a leave of absence to write and teach worldwide. Five resident pastors served on behalf of the senior pastor: Rev. Albert Lam, Rev. Rolando Gan, Rev. Albert Pua, Rev. Johnny Limchesing, and Rev. Stephen Tan.

Additional Worship Services were Started

- 2002~2006 -

Under Rev. Stephen G. Tan’s leadership, three additional worship services were started to meet the needs of a growing church: (a) Early Sunday morning service on October 20, 2002, (b) Saturday evening service on July 27, 2003, and (c) Late Sunday morning service on January 15, 2006.

Grace Ministries Training Center

- June 22, 2003 -

The four-story Grace Ministry Training Center (GMTC) building built under the leadership of Rev. Johnny Limchesing was inaugurated.

Church-Wide Renovation Project

- 2007 -

The church embarked on an extensive three-and-a-half year, four-phase renovation project to expand, repair, renovate, and upgrade the entire church facility.

40th Founding Anniversary

- October 26, 2008 -

The church celebrated its 40th founding anniversary with three special installations: Dr. Paul Tan as pastor emeritus and elder; Rev. Stephen Tan as the church’s second senior pastor; Deacons Florencio Lim, James L. Tan, and Mike Cheng as church elders.

LifeGroup and STEP

- September 2012 -

Two church-developed programs, LifeGroup and STEP were launched. LifeGroup would serve as the primary vehicle for discipleship at GCCP, facilitated in small groups. STEP stands for Spiritual Training and Enrichment Program and would serve as the primary means for equipping and training the church body.

The Church’s Official Name Changed

- October 28, 2012 -

The official name of our church was changed to Grace Christian Church of the Philippines (GCCP) to reflect the vision of growth and challenge we have as a church. The Chinese name (菲律濱靈惠基督教會) remains the same.

Installation of New Elders

- January 8, 2017 -

Deacons Robert Chan Whu, Wilson Sy, and Edison Ty were installed as church elders to bolster the spiritual leadership of the church.

A Growing Church

- 2005~2018 -

By God’s grace, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Tan, the church grew from an average attendance of 450 adults and children to more than 1,700 through a commitment to Bible-expository preaching, implementation of the church’s original mission and vision, and by establishing a church culture that is truly biblical.

50th Founding Anniversary

- October 21, 2018 -

By God’s grace, the church celebrated its 50th founding anniversary in two God-honoring worship services at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

By God's Grace, for His Glory

- Present -

With more than 2,000 adults and children entering our doors every week, which includes students and teachers attending the GCC Sunday School, we thank the Lord for the fulfillment of Mrs. Julia Tan’s original vision for the church and the school.


We look back on God’s goodness and grace to our church, and look forward with exciting anticipation to see what God will continue to do through GCCP. We forge ahead knowing and acknowledging that “Christ is the head of the body, the church,” and desiring “that in all things He may have the preeminence” (Colossians 1:18).