We believe that the church community plays a crucial role in a believer's spiritual growth.

God built the church so that we can enjoy having a spiritual family with which we can worship the Lord and grow together in our walk of faith. God’s design was for each of His followers to be plugged-in to a church community where he or she can be nurtured, encouraged, and find opportunities to contribute to the greater good of our spiritual family.


At GCCP, we want every believer to experience the life-transforming effect of being actively involved and plugged-in to a church community that is intentional in loving God and loving others.


This is the reason we have PLUG-IN.


Plug-in is a community-building program designed to encourage interaction and promote an active pursuit of personal and relational spiritual growth within the GCCP community. It consists of various activities that can be done individually or together with others spread out over 12 weeks, starting with an Online Kick-off Event on September 18, 2022 and concluding with an on-site event for all participants on December 4, 2022.


This program is free and OPEN FOR EVERYONE at GCCP and is especially beneficial for individuals, groups, or families who are looking for ways to connect and be involved in the church, or those who would like to grow in their relationship with God and with others in the church.

  Dates to Note

• Online Kick-off Event: September 18, 2022 • 2:00pm • via Zoom

• Culminating On-site Event: December 4, 2022


Sign-up to attend the online Kick-Off Event on September 18, 2022 to know more about how this program can help you and your family experience community life at GCCP.

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