#1: Establishing Who's in Control

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Discuss/Remember a moment in your life when you felt most in control and everything was going right for you? Did you really have control? What could have gone wrong, but didn't?

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Luke 8:22-25

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you take the Word of God and fully believe it at face value? Do you really believe God's promises to be true? What are hindrances in allowing you to really believe what God's word says is indeed true?

  2. Meditate on the Omnipotent (supreme power) of God. Are you more afraid of the COVID-19 virus and what it can do to you or more fearful and in awe of the mighty power of God? How does it change the way you approach what you fear knowing that our Heavenly Father is more powerful than anything and anyone in this world?

  3. Do you desire to be in control and have all the worries and problems that come with it or would you rather cede control of your life to the Lord and give Him all the worries and problems so that you can simply sit back and relax?


In Walk: ’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus! It is indeed sweet to trust our Lord God because we can take His Word and fully believe it at face value. Although the Covid-19 has turned our world upside down, we can be at peace because our Omnipotent God is in control of our situation. As you are probably quarantined in your home and feeling overwhelmed, what can you do at this time to build up your faith in the Lord Jesus?  In what way could you show your faith that He is in control of this situation? 

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, I must admit that what is going on around me is quite scary and overwhelming. And yet, I recognize that You are my Omnipotent God whose power is beyond my understanding. I pray that instead of being fearful of the virus that is going on in the world, I will trust in you and not be afraid. Thank you that my life is in Your hands, and that no matter what happens, I am secured in You. In Jesus Name, Amen.