#10: Into the Unknown

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What are two unknown aspects of the coronavirus pandemic that brings you the most anxiety and stress? What are the things you cannot plan for because of the uncertainties that this virus brings? If a vaccine cannot be developed in the foreseeable future, how do you think you will be able to go on in life? What adjustments will you have to make?

Read & Discuss


Daniel 12:4-13

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the correlation of our Christian faith and facts? How does your faith increase when you know factual truth? Assess your faith in the Lord. Is it based on “blind faith,” or are there experiences or factual truths that bolster your faith? Name some of those facts in life that help support your Christian faith. How much effort do you put in to seek to learn more about God and His Word?

  2. If I told you, “The best is yet to come,” would you really believe it to be true in your life? Without any evidence that it will be better in the future, how can you believe that the best is yet to come? What part of God’s character and His actions remind you of this truth? If something isn’t as you have planned, how can a different plan be just as good (or better) than what you originally had in mind?

  3. Daniel’s questions were not fully answered by God but were encouraged because he was told he would rest, live again (resurrection), and receive a spiritual inheritance. How do you think those promises encouraged Daniel as he entered the unknown? How do these truths encourage you as you step into the unknown?


In Walk: Daniel lived in the unknown most of his life. In the final chapter He was told to close the book and seal it because prophecy will not be fully understood until the right time comes. 


Like Daniel, we, too, live in the unknown brought about the Covid-19 pandemic. We don’t know how to plan and prepare even for the nearest future because no one can tell us with certainty how long we have to deal with the consequences of its effect on our lives. However, just like Daniel we can be prepared for the unknown. Think about these things:


  1. What tool of truth did God provide so that you can continue to learn to enable you to be confident in facing the unknown? 

  2. What comes to your mind when you think of the fact that God didn’t spare His own Son for you? What character of God is evident from His action? 

  3. How are you using the time given to you here on earth? How do you feel that one of these days, you will rest from your labor. What does resurrection mean to you?  

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, You know that I am scared of uncertainties, and dealing with this coronavirus scares me because of the many unpredictable things it involves. But thank You that I have You whom I can trust all the time. Thank You that everything in the unknown will pass. Please help me to live my life well and help me to be a shining light in this dark world. May You find me faithful in my walk with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.