#13: Start to Finish

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Why is it easier to start well than to end well? What makes it difficult for you to keep your faith? How do you usually react when God brings adversities in your life? 

Read and Discuss


Genesis 47-50


Discussion Questions

  1. Why should your relationship with God be more important than any material legacy you may leave behind to your family when you leave this world? In what way can you show that God is indeed important to you? How does putting time into a relationship signify the importance of that relationship? 

  2. In what way is trusting God, regardless of the situation, a sign of faith and spiritual maturity? What is your usual reaction when God brings adversities in your life? What would be the effect if you fail or refuse to trust God in those situations? Could you honestly ask someone close to you, “I trusted God and you should as well”? Why or why can’t you?

  3. Why do you think people who keep comparing themselves with others (what they don’t have or what they didn’t get) won't finish well in life? How do you understand grace and blessings? If God blessed you according to your own blessings, then what should be your attitude about it? How should you handle God’s overflowing blessings? 

  4. If you want to finish well in this life, how should you deal with unresolved issues in your family and friendships? What areas in your family life do you need to work on right now so that there can be unity in your family? Discuss why as a family, there should be continuous forgiveness, reconciliation, and resolution in order to be a good testimony to the world.


In Walk: The last picture of Jacob written in the scripture had him being buried in Canaan where his ancestors and loved ones were buried. The grand funeral procession from Egypt to Canaan  was such a great gathering that amazed even the Canaanites. After a rough start, Jacob’s life ended well because he realized the primary importance of a relationship with God. He learned to trust God in all areas of his life. He recognized grace and blessings in his life. Lastly, he desired a family united as a testimony to the world. Jacob overcame the many dysfunctions and mess in his life and family because of God’s blessings and grace. How would you want to finish in your life? Identify areas of your life that you need to change so that you can move towards the direction of how you want to finish well. What are steps you can take now so that you can start towards the goal of finishing well?

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You so much for the many lessons I learned from Jacob’s life. May I continue to learn to be humble before You, trusting You in all aspects of my life, forgiving those who have hurt me and reconciling with them. Thank You for Your grace and for the working of the Holy Spirit that can transform even the most messy life. Thank You that I am a recipient of Your grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.