#4: Three Crosses, One Choice

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How many crosses do you have in your house/room? How many cross symbols do you see in a given day? When you see it, honestly, does it make you think about Jesus or does it have no effect on you?

Read & Discuss


Luke 23:32-43


Discussion Questions

  1. When you think about the death of Jesus Christ, do you dwell more on how He died for you on the cross than on why He died for you? Why did Jesus die for you and for all people? Are you able to save yourself? How does Jesus’ death save us?

  2. Death comes to all; it is one of the few certainties of life. How does thinking about your mortality change the way you live? How does having Jesus as your personal Savior keep you from being afraid of death? What does Jesus promise to those who have placed their trust in Him?

  3. In what tangible ways can you cherish, value, and cling to the cross of Christ? How does thinking about Jesus’ redemptive work in your life change your attitudes and actions? How does knowing that salvation is a free gift, given by God’s grace, encourage you to share the good news with others?


In Walk: The cross should be a daily reminder to us of God’s unconditional love, manifested when God sent His Son to die for our sins and give us eternal life. Sadly, some people see the cross and think, “I don’t have to listen to you Jesus. I don’t need you!” For others, seeing the cross makes them desire to do more good. But the cross of rebellion and the cross of remorse will not save you from the penalty of sin, which is death. Only the cross of redemption can do that. When Jesus died on the cross of redemption, He paid fully the price of our sins. What does this reveal to you about conversion? How would you thank Jesus for His gift of salvation?  

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, I can’t thank You enough for showing me how much You love me in spite of who I am. Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sin. I don’t deserve His sacrifice, but thank You that because of His sacrificial death, I have eternal life with You. Thank You that it is not through my good works that I could be saved, otherwise I would be hopeless. But putting my trust in Jesus as my Redeemer has saved me. May you help me to share this good news of redemption with people who are still lost. I pray these in Jesus’ name. Amen.