#7: Enjoying the Freedom in Not Knowing

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Think about or discuss what was your biggest surprise in life. What made it so special? Describe the feeling of how it would be different if you had known aspects of the surprise. Do you get frustrated when you do not know certain things in life? What is the most difficult part of not being able to plan, because you simply don’t know?

Read & Discuss


Job 42:1-7


Discussion Questions

  1. Recognizing God’s sovereignty and His control, how do you balance your need to know and your need to trust (without knowing)? How does this look like practically in your life? Why is it we trust food companies, airlines, etc. to enjoy their products and services without knowing all the details of how the company is run, but it is so hard to trust God when He withholds some information from us?

  2. What are some subject matters that you just can’t understand even if someone tries to explain it to you? What is a question you want answered but perhaps God has not revealed it to you because of our limited human mind? Remember a situation where something made more sense years down the road but at the time it occurred you had no idea why God was allowing it to happen. How does not knowing something (i.e. cancer, sickness) keep you from worrying and allowing you to enjoy life? For example, if you know you would get cancer 10 years from now or perhaps lose your spouse in 15 years, will it change the way you live or your outlook in life today? Is it therefore a good thing that God withholds this information from you?

  3. How do you enjoy the freedom in not knowing? What are the things in nature you enjoy but don’t understand how it works or can’t figure out? What is it about the character of God that allows you to trust Him fully even though He hasn’t revealed all the details about why certain things are happening in your life?


In Walk: Job loved God and lived uprightly, but he experienced tough losses when he lost his children, his wealth, his good health. He didn’t understand why God would allow him to go through such a terrible situation. Job didn’t lose his faith, but he did ask God why. God didn’t give Job a direct answer, but because of what He reminded Job about Himself, Job came to realize that God is sovereign and in control, and because of that Job didn’t need to understand everything but instead enjoy the freedom of not knowing. Like Job, you may not know the answer to your questions, but it’s okay to not know if you know Who is in control. What are the questions and fears going on in your mind because you don’t exactly know when the coronavirus will go away and when the quarantine period will be lifted? If answers from God are not forthcoming, would you still trust Him? How does the fact that He is in total control settle your heart? 

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for the reminder that I can enjoy freedom in not knowing everything that is going on around me. I may not fully understand, but because You are sovereign and in control, I can completely entrust to You my life because You know what is best for me. Thank You that I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the freedom of not knowing the surprises you planned for my life.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.