#8: Returning Back to the "New Normal"

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Name 5 things you envision in the “new normal”--things that you will have to do and adapt to in the Covid-19 world where a vaccine has not yet been developed? Which of these things are actually beneficial and should have been practiced even before the coronavirus showed up?

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Micah 6:6-8


Discussion Questions

  1. In your spiritual lives, what are some of the things you do that really have no spiritual significance for you, but you simply do them and “go through the motions” because you believe that is what God wants you to do? Can you list 5-6 spiritual disciplines you practice and examine in your heart what is the reason for why you do those things?

  2. Why do you think it is harder to offer God “true life change” versus just some “set of outward actions”? What does the Bible tell us that God desires (cf. 1 Samuel 15:22; Jeremiah 7:21-23)? Give some practical examples of “do justly” as it relates to your relationship with one another. How does treating each other fairly indicate a true life change in your heart?

  3. Give some practical examples of “love mercy” as it relates to your relationship with one another and with the Lord. How does showing mercy to others as God has shown you mercy reflect a true life change in your heart?

  4. Think about some practical examples of how you can “walk humbly with your God” as it relates to your relationship with the Lord? How does a desire to walk in humility before the Lord reflect a life that is truly changed?


In Walk: It’s sad that many have forgotten what should be normal in our relationship with God. Just like the Israelites when they were going through spiritual complacency, we worship God and go through “spiritual rituals” but lack true spirituality. We, too, are guilty of meaningless outward actions going through the motions of worship but without inward change. 

God looks in our inner heart’s condition. He wants to see inward obedience followed by action. So what “new normal” should we return back to? Micah 6:8 tells us that God wants us to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. Have you been treating people fairly? Is an act of kindness a normal thing for you as a Christian? How do you practice mercy by giving people what they don’t deserve? Lastly, how does humility manifest in your life? Are you acknowledging that apart from God you can do nothing? 

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for reminding me that true worship is all about my inner relationship to You, that there should be life change in me that happens when I apply the truth of Your Word in my life. May You help me to embrace as normal doing what is just in relation to others. May loving mercy become a part of me, and may walking humbly with You--depending on You at all times be my way of life instead of being self-reliant. May You find my inner heart attitude pleasing to You and a blessing to others.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.