#9: Power Games

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How do power plays manifest at home between siblings, between parents and their children, and in other family relationships? What could be the motives of family members who engage in power plays?

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Genesis 32:1-32


Discussion Questions

  1. Do you sincerely believe that God is the true source of power and strength? If Christians believe that this is true, why do they still waver in applying this truth in their lives? How can you tell if God is there with you in time of need and weakness?

  2. Give examples of how people demonstrate the principle, “I am stronger than you, therefore I am better than you. And if I am better, then I am more powerful than you.” What are the dangers of relying on your own strength rather than in God?

  3. Human tendency is to pray when one is already in desperate need. Why do you think we do this instead of going straight to God at the beginning of a crisis? Why would someone name-drop? What would be your honest motive in wanting God to be on your side in both good and bad times?

  4. How is power associated with money? Give examples of how people with money manipulate those who have less. What principle should a person hold to so that he won’t be controlled by someone who uses money as a source of power?

  5. Why does God allow you to “wrestle” with Him? How does the current pandemic or any calamity show that no person’s power compares with God’s? In what way does knowing God is omnipotent (all-powerful) assure you of victory in your struggles in life as you cling to Him?

  6. What are the blessings of knowing God very well? How do you get to know Him even better? Why is it important to know yourself in order to improve yourself? How does God “fight” for you on a daily basis?

  7. How does your identity in Christ define who you are? Your standing with God gave you a new name and identity as a Christian. How did your life change because of who you are in the Lord?


In Walk: In the early chapters, we see Jacob playing power games with God until God shattered his self-sufficiency, and as he learned to lean solely on God’s power, God blessed Jacob with a new beginning. Having accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you were given a new life (1 Corinthians 5:17) and eternal life. But how is Jesus’ lordship being practiced in your life? How do you live out your faith in Him? Do you allow Him to fight life’s battles on your behalf? 


In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You that through Jacob’s life you taught me that playing power games is useless and silly because You are the true source of power and strength. Every day I face the choice to rely on You or my own strength. Forgive me for the many times I chose to rely on myself. It remains a challenge for me; I acknowledge that without Jesus Christ I cannot overcome it, and so I thank You for the new life and new beginning You gave me when I acknowledged Jesus Christ as my Savior. May Your presence be seen in my life the way I live it.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.