A Settled Heart in Times of Uncertainty

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Study Guide


What uncertainties do you worry about right now? And how are you trying to prepare for these uncertainties?

Read and Discuss


Psalm 63:1-11


Discussion Questions

In this passage, learn the four things David cultivated that allowed him to have a settled heart, praising and fellowshipping with God even in the midst of troubling and distressing times:

  1. A heart that longs for God (v. 1-2). Describe how David was feeling when he wrote this psalm. What did he long and crave for while his heart was troubled? What is it that you crave for in your life? How could you tell if you are craving for spiritual matters? What are the consequences if your heart doesn’t long for God? What does the statement, “It takes effort to pursue closeness with God” mean? During the last seven months, has your walk with God deepened? Do you long for him?  If not, why?

  2. A heart that finds satisfaction in God (v. 3-5). How would you describe the love of God for His children? How would you compare this kind of love to a husband and wife relationship? Why do material things NOT give satisfaction in life? Just like David, how does God give you satisfaction in who you are (your significance), your friendship, and purpose? How would having more of Jesus bring peace and full satisfaction to settle your heart?

  3. A heart that draws near to God (v. 6-8). When David thought of God, it relaxed him. How does the picture of God’s love compare to that of a hen who “doth gather her chicks under her wings” (Luke 13:34) speak to you? What do the verses in Psalm 147:4, John 10:3, and Acts 9:10-12 tell you about how much God cares for you? What should be your response as you think of God’s protective care? Why?

  4. A heart that rejoices in God (v. 9-11). David could rest because God took care of his troubles. Think of the world’s problems earlier this year that are no longer in the news. Do you believe that Covid-19 came and will pass because the Lord is sovereign and in control? How could you rejoice in the midst of troubles as David did? Can you identify whether it is true or simply a coping mechanism (e.g. “staying positive”)? How would you cultivate a heart that rejoices always?


In Walk: You may not be aware of it, but the people around you who do not have Christ yet in their lives may be watching you and your church collectively and observing how you act in these times of uncertainty when everyone is looking for peace and assurance. Your heart needs to be in the right place. Ask yourself if, like David, your heart longs for God, finds satisfaction in Him, draws near to Him, and rejoices in Him. How can you develop a heart like David’s?

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, if I depend on my own strength and ability, there is no way my heart could be settled in this time of uncertainty. But thank You because of your lovingkindness, I know I am safe in Your hands. Thank you for Your protective care. You see my problems and all the challenges I am going through right now, and thank You for the certainty that you are in control.  May You continue to draw me near to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.