Choices That Lead to Godly Change

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What is one choice you made that changed your life? How did it change your life?

Read and Discuss


Luke 19:1-10


Discussion Questions

  1. Read Luke 19:1-10. Who is Zacchaeus? What does the Bible say about him? Do you think he is the type of man you would expect Jesus to meet? What is so different about Zacchaeus that Jesus would later stop to meet Him?

  2. Zacchaeus’ actions revealed his desire to seek Jesus (v. 1-4). How are you actively seeking the Lord so that godly change can take place in your life? Is there anything stopping you from pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ (your past, situational hindrances, etc.)?

  3. Actively seeking God is one thing; intentionally following Him is another. Describe Zacchaeus’ response when Jesus invited Himself to Zacchaeus’ home (v. 5-7). What are the implications of Jesus’ action toward Zacchaeus? What was the crowd’s reaction?

  4. To Zacchaeus, following the Lord meant coming down and opening his house to Jesus and fellowshipping with Him before the grumbling crowd. What does following Jesus look like for you? Are you intentional about following the Lord? What are the things you are willing to do that you’ve never done before so that godly change can happen in your life?

  5. In verses 8-10 we see a Zacchaeus that has been changed by His encounter with God. What are the things Zacchaeus said and did as a result of his encounter with Jesus? How did his actions honor God? How are you honoring God with the way you live and the way you act towards others? Are you doing something that is incompatible with God’s Word? Do you need to make it right with someone you have wronged?


In Walk: Change begins with a choice. Godly change begins when you choose to actively seek God, follow Him, and live right for the Lord. Do you want godly change to happen in your life? What kind of changes do you want to happen in your spiritual walk? What goals have you set for yourself in order to pursue a growing spiritual life? Do your choices and everyday decisions reflect your desire for godly change?

In Prayer: Father, thank You that when I sought Jesus, I found forgiveness and salvation. Thank You that Your Word reminds me to follow You and gives me a clear direction on how to live rightly for You. I pray for wisdom and daily guidance from You as I continue to seek, follow, and obey You, Lord. Search my heart, Lord, and cleanse me for any sin that hinders me from doing these, and forgive me. May my choices and actions bring honor and glory to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.