Mindsets That Should Never Change

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What specific mindset or attitude that you grew up with hasn't changed until now? How does this attitude affect how you behave and relate with yourself and with others?

Read and Discuss


Philippians 2:1-11


Discussion Questions

  1. A mindset of unity through humility (v. 1-4). What four spiritual blessings are common to all beliefs based on verse 1, which is the basis for the apostle Paul to call for the body of Christ to live in unity? Why is unity important in the church or the body of Christ? What are the possible negative effects on the public testimony of the church if Christians are not united?

  2. What did Paul say should embody unity as followers of Jesus Christ (v. 2)? What does it mean to be like-minded with others in the church which is made up of people who are very different from each other? What kind of love can transcend differences and show that we are truly followers of Christ?

  3. In what ways do Christians demonstrate an attitude of pride/selfishness/conceit? How is it very different from the mindset of unity through humility? 

  4. What is humility? Does it mean putting yourself down, being negative about yourself, never accepting kind words from others? How does humility show when you respect, honor, and are being considerate of others?

  5. A mindset of our Lord Jesus Christ (v. 5-11). How did the Lord Jesus Christ exemplify humility that showed us His mindset of selflessness (v. 6)? In what ways has your church acted selflessly? What privileges and rights are you willing to give up as needed so that others may benefit?

  6. How did the Lord Jesus Christ exemplify the mindset of servanthood (v. 7)? How is this mindset different from the world’s? As a follower of Jesus, how would you respond to the challenge of serving for the sake of others?

  7. How did the Lord Jesus Christ exemplify the mindset of sacrifice (v. 8)? What do you think would have happened to you and me if Jesus didn’t have this mindset? What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of others?


In Walk: God’s response to the selfless humility and obedience of Christ is exaltation (v. 9-11). Christ was elevated above all and exalted to the highest position. He will be honored and rightfully acknowledged as the highest, greatest, matchless Lord of all. Would you be willing to have the mindset of unity through humility and the mindset exemplified by Jesus Christ for the glory of God? If Christ could humble Himself and serve others at the expense of His own comfort and convenience, can you do it, too? 

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, indeed there are mindsets that should never change for believers like me. Thank You for desiring to have Your people united through humility.  Thank You for our Lord Jesus Christ who exemplified humility in the highest form. Help me, Lord, to live like Jesus in humility, serving and sacrificing for the sake of others, valuing them ahead of myself.  Help me to do it not for myself but for Your glory alone, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.