Some Things Should Never Change

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As you grow older and more mature, change inevitably happens in your life. But what things are you not intending to change at all? Why?

Read and Discuss


Matthew 28:18-20


Discussion Questions

Even in the church, change is inevitable, as we have seen during these challenging times. However, Jesus Christ’s Great Commission to the church has never changed no matter the circumstances. Matthew 28:18-20 teaches us five things that should never change for the church:


  1. It’s all about Jesus (v. 18). Authority is rooted in Jesus Christ. How often do you think of Jesus Christ on a daily basis? As a church, is there anything else you can offer the world other than Jesus? Why is Jesus so indispensable in how you, as a Christian or as a church, minister to the world?

  2. It’s about reaching people to become life-long followers of Christ (v. 19a). What is the  meaning of evangelism and why is it important for Christians to evangelize? According to the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 8:13, what do you need to give up for the sake of the spiritual needs of others? Why is reaching out to those who do not have Christ in their lives more important than just maintaining the programs of the church? What do you personally do so that people without Christ could be reached by the gospel? 

  3. It’s about life change through the enablement of the Holy Spirit (v. 19b). What makes you similar to everyone who comes to church? How is your testimony at home, at work, or at school being seen by others? Could other people see changes in your life that make them think about what could have caused those changes in you? What makes it possible for those changes to happen in a person’s life? 

  4. It’s about teaching the timeless truth of the Bible (v. 20a). In this era where people feel entitled to their own opinions and point of view, why is it important for followers of Jesus to learn and teach the truth of the Bible? What are you doing to increase your knowledge of Scripture? What sources of information or learnings should you avoid so that you will not be misled from the truth? How important is it to be systematic in your study of the scripture?

  5. Last, it’s about making an impact for the Lord (v. 20b). As God’s child and as His church, you ought to be making a difference and leaving a legacy. What impact are you making for the Lord? When God’s accounting time comes, how would your life be assessed? How does Jesus’ promise that He is there to enable you even to the end assure you that you can certainly make an impact on someone else for the Lord? Share how God has enabled you to make an impact on another person’s life for the Lord (or how He has enabled someone to make an impact on your life).


In Walk: Changes happen all the time. Our church may be pulled in different directions, but we should always remember that no matter what changes happen in the church, it’s still all about Jesus, reaching people to become life-long followers of Christ, life change through the enablement of the Holy Spirit, teaching the timeless truth of the Bible, and making an impact for the Lord. The world is missing the church the Lord desires. Let's be that church! How does Christ’s Great Commission to believers speak to you? How would you act on it?

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for reminding me of the things that are important and for pointing out what I should be paying attention to in my life. Help me to do what I ought to do as a Christian. Thank You so much for the promise of being with me to the end. May You give me real compassion for the spiritually lost and give me the desire to reach out to them. May my life be a living testimony through the help of the Holy Spirit so that I can make an impact on someone else's life for Your sake. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.