The Product Called Jesus

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  1. Have you ever been talked into buying a product that you originally had no intention of purchasing? What made you buy it? Share with the group. 

  2. How do you present Jesus Christ to the imperfect world, so that people would come to Him and be made perfect in Him?


Read and Discuss


Luke 5:12–32


Discussion Questions

In selling a product, there are three elements you need to consider: attitude, product, and target group. Three sequential events in Jesus’ ministry demonstrate how you are to use these elements to “sell” Him to other people. Read Luke 5:12-32. 


  1. Attitude: Sacrificial Willingness (v. 12-25). Leprosy is a contagious disease that affects the skin, mucous membrane, and nerves, causing lumps or disfigurement. In biblical times lepers were cast out of society because they were considered unclean. Describe how the leper appealed to Jesus (v. 12). How did Jesus respond (v. 13)? What made Jesus’ action a sacrificial kind of willingness? Why is willingness that is sacrificial important in reaching out to imperfect people? What is one thing you will be sacrificially willing to do in order to bring someone to the Lord?

  2. Product: Jesus’ ability to forgive sin (v. 17-26). Who were in the crowd to listen to Jesus in verse 17? Describe the way the men in verses 18-19 called Jesus’ attention so that He would heal a paralytic man? Like these men who made the extra effort to bring the paralytic man to Christ, what extra effort would you be willing to do to bring someone to Christ? What was Jesus' response to these men’s efforts (v. 20)? In “selling” Jesus to the imperfect people of this imperfect world, you need to offer a product that meets their needs—something they are desperate to buy. The emphasis on this account is not in the miraculous healing of the paralytic, but on Jesus’ ability to forgive sin, which nobody else can do. What was Jesus attesting about Himself each time He healed diseases and forgave sinners?

  3. Target Group: Sinners (v. 27-32). Jesus made it clear that He came to bring sinners to repentance, and so you as a believer need to be “selling” Him to sinners. Who was Levi (v. 27)? What made him an outcast in the society? Why would Jesus call Levi (whose name was changed to Matthew) to follow Him? Are you exposed to unbelievers? Who are the usual sinners— imperfect people—around you? Why should you care about them? Share how you can reach out to someone whom others neglect or ignore. Do you find it difficult to do? What makes it possible to go out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone whom you don’t usually associate with?


In Walk: As you share Jesus to people around you, reflect on how Jesus changed you. What is it about Him that is so evident in your life that you can “sell” it to those who need Him? Sinners need a Savior and that Savior is Jesus Christ alone. He is the exclusive distributor of the forgiveness of sins. Jesus put you in a place where you can reach out and tell others about Him. Think of someone you know who does not have Jesus in his/her life yet. Start praying for God to prepare that person’s heart, and then think of ways on how you can reach out to that person.

In Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Son who died in my place so that I can be forgiven. I know I don’t put much effort into telling people about the Savior who gave His life for me and for them. Forgive me, Father. I’ve become too used to being comfortably ensconced in the church that I forgot those outside it. I ask for wisdom and courage to go out of my comfort zone and intentionally tell people about Jesus. Give me also the strength of heart to be willing to make sacrifices and give the extra effort. In Christ’s name. Amen.