Trailblaze: ONE

Juggling priorities is T-O-U-G-H! 

So many things demand our time, energy, and resources—school, family, friends, church, self-care, personal goals, responsibilities, etc. These things make us so busy yet feel so unproductive at the same time. We struggle with burn out and get caught in that awful feeling of "I can't seem to get my life together!" So we try to persevere by focusing our energies on the one thing we think matters most. But let's be honest: that one thing is seldom God.


This summer, college students get to experience what it's like to step back from circumstances that make them feel overwhelmed to realign their focus on the ONE who deserves their utmost attention. They'll see how making God their number ONE priority allows them not only to improve their spiritual lives, but also boost their ability to handle the demands and pressures of their busy lives and schedules.


Yes, life is overwhelming. But God is the ONE who is above all.



College students (18-23 y/o)


 Date & Time

July 26-29, 2023

Wednesday to Saturday (4D/3N)



CCT Tagaytay, Kaykulot Road, Tagaytay City

with optional trip to Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa, Laguna


 Registration Deadline

June 4, 2023


Terms & Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in cash, GCash, or Paymaya?
I'm from another church. Can I join the camp?
Do I have to be vaccinated to join?
Can those with a medical condition join?
Can my parents bring me to or fetch me from the venue directly?
If I won't be able to join the optional trip to EK, how do I get home?
Do you offer financial assistance?

Registration Form

Reminder: If joining the trip to EK, please add P500 to the camp fee.

You'll be asked to upload a recent photo and proof of payment.